This day has come!

It took so much time and work, and I’m finally ready to present you the first results!

But I’ll make some introduction before:

My name is Nastya, I was educated as art historian and I’m a 2D-animator by profession. From 2017 I was planning my own graphic novel, which would combine all my skills, both theoretical and practical, a project, where my knowledge of history and animation drawing will meet. So the graphic novel The Bullsfight was born, it is my interpretation of events, happened in the end of the 15th century in Italy, a story told from the point of view of the infamous clan Borgia. And answering some questions – no, my graphic novel is based not on the any of series about Borgias, it is based on the historical sources!

The graphic novel will be published online, by pages, first in the early access on my Patreon page, and after two weeks here for free. I can’t promise yet regular updates, so, please subscribe by mail or on my Instagram, and you won’t miss new pages!

And enough words for now – let’s read the prologue of this long story!

Page 1

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