Rodrigo Borgia, aka Alexander VI, the Pope of Rome 

Rodrigo, Spanish by the birth, was always a stranger in Rome. But his charisma and master skill in manipulating people made him the second after God himself in the Catholic God. But not everyone agrees with his new position…




Cesare Borgia

The second son of Rodrigo, who carries the burden of his father’s expectations. Rodrigo hopes, that Cesare would make a church career as great as his own and would establish the positions of the Borgia family in Italy… but Cesare dreams to make it as a warrior.

Juan Borgia

The eldest son of Rodrigo and his lover Vannozza Cattanei, and his dad’s favorite. Juan know pretty well, that he is allowed to do everything he wants with father’s blessing, and he believes he can go far beyond any moral or financial restriction without any consequences.




Lucrezia Borgia

The only Rodrigo’s daughter, a pretty and smart girl, who was raised on the chivalresque novel and the Holy Scriptures. But she has to find out, that the real life of a noble lady has nothing in common with book stories.




Michele de Corella aka Micheletto

He is a silent moody giant, who looks like a exact opposite to the hurricane temperament of Cesare. It is a mystery, how did they become such close friends, but the fact is: Micheletto is ready to sacrifice his life for Borgias family.


Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere

Della Rovere has a very clear goal: become a Pope of Rome as his uncle did before. But he has a problem: a hateful outlander, this Borgia defeated him on the last Conclave, but della Rovere is not going to give up.