Added a new page and more drawings into galleries

After a long waiting a new page is already here! Now we are coming back from the grim flashforward of the prologue to the very beginning of the story, to the bright days of youth… Also, please, check the galleries! I’ve added drawings for Inktober-2020 and some sketches of Lucrecia to the book and stickers.

Page 6 is available on Patreon!

Finally, a new page is out! Well, October with Inktober can mess all the artist’s plans… and the page itself was pretty hard to draw, a lot of figures, a lot of layers. The early access is already opened for my Patreon subscribers!

Gallery updates!

Step by step I fill the website with content. For now there is something new in the gallery – I added illustrations to the graphic novel. There are still few, but more will come soon. And for the dessert here s new picture, just right away from the Photoshop: